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3 November 2017

Present simple and present continuous

We use the present simple  to say what you usually do: 'I take the dog for a walk in the afternoon'

We use the present continuous to say what you are doing now: 'She's staying with us at the moment'

* Don´t use the present continuous with state verbs (want, like, hate, need, look, have (possession), know...)

Activity 1. Present continuous. Choose the correct answer.

Activity 2. Present continuous. Complete the sentences with the correct form of the verb.

Activity 3. Present simple or continuous? (1)

Activity 4. Present simple or continuous? (2)

Activity 5. Present simple or continuous? (3)

Activity 6. We use the present continuous to describe pictures. Listen to the descriptions of some photos and choose the correct one.

15 February 2017

Present Perfect:Part 3-just,already,yet,for and since

Hello guys,
Take a look at this site where you can find some explanations and exercises to practice this grammar point.

14 February 2017

Present perfect: Part 2

Hi everyone,
Get further information about how to make negative and interrogative sententes in  present perfect  by visiting this website.

Present Perfect:Part 1

Dear basic level students,
Click here to learn how to form present perfect in English. Then do the exercises.