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28 October 2015


   Watch this video about how Halloween came to be. 
   Click here and learn more about the origins of this festivity

9 October 2015

Listening game

Dear students,
Click here to revise  some vocabulary about clothes.

Going shopping

Watch the video ( if you don't want to see the introductions, start 40seconds into the video) and answer the questions. Then, activate the subtitles to check your answers. - What does the woman want to buy? - What kind of.... is she looking for? - How much does the woman think the ... costs? - How much does it really cost? - Does she buy it?

Describing a picture

Hi everybody,
Here are some tips for describing a photo o picture.

2 October 2015

3rd person singular present simple

Here you have a video that shows the spelling rules about the 3rd person singular in the Present Simple