28 April 2012

Comparative and Superlative form of Adjectives

Do you know how to compare between two things or two concepts?  Practise the comparative with these exercises
Activity 1

Activity 2.

Superlative adjectives are used to define the highest degree of a noun. Superlative adjectives are used only if 3 or more things or people are being compared.
  • The black dog is the biggest.
  • The house at the end of the street is the nicest.
  • My mother's pizza is the best.
Activity 1(comparative or superlative?)
Activity 2(comparative or superlative?)

Activity 3(comparative or superlative')
Activity 4
Activity 5

22 April 2012


Write a description of your best friend. Mention physical appearance, personality, likes and dislikes and why you are friends.

7 April 2012


Activity 1 :too much / too many / enough. Click here to check your answers.

Activity 2: Order the words to make correct sentences

Activity 3: A little / a few

Defining relative clauses

We use defining relative clauses to explain what a place, thing, or person is or does. We use 'who (or 'that') for a person, 'which' (or 'that') for a thing, and 'where' for a place.

Activity 1
Activity 2
Activity 3
Activity 4: Define the following words using relative pronouns and send your answers as a comment to the post:
'nurse', school', 'suit' and 'museum'