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14 February 2018

Happy Saint Valentine's Day

Hi everyone,
1. Watch these funny commercials about Valentine's day and anwser the questions.
2. Click on the following list of links to do different exercises related to this festivity.
Exercise 1
Exercise 2
Exercise 3

10 February 2018

The detective and Blue Carbuncle

Dear students,

  This story is fantastic to improve your listening and reading skills!!! Enjoy it!!

Possible Interaction: Free time activities

You are going to talk with a friend  about your free time activities. Answer the questions using the information below to help you and remember to use your imagination.

  • Talk about your free time activities:
  • what
  • when and how often
  • who with
  • When you started doing it
  • Why you like it
  • Ask your friend about his or her hobby

STUDENT A: Hello. How are you?
STUDENT B: Hello! I’m fine, thanks. And you?/What about you?
STUDENT A: I want to start a new hobby. Have you got any hobbies?
STUDENT B: Yes, I have. I like playing/to play badminton. Also I enjoy reading adventure books, but what I like most/what I really love is travelling. In fact, I would like to visit Scotland next summer. Anyway, the best hobby for me is playing with my children
STUDENT A: Do you practice very often? / How often do you…?
STUDENT B: I often play badminton (twice a week.)
STUDENT A: I see. When do you…?
STUDENT B: On Friday afternoon when I finish work
STUDENT A: Do you go with a friend? / Do you think I can come with you?
STUDENT B: I usually meet a friend and a workmate. We don’t mind if you come too.
STUDENT A: Thank you. I think I will like it very much. When did you start your hobby?
STUDENT B:I started last year/ one year ago
STUDENT A: Wow! That’s a long time. / Oh! So you have just started. Why do you like it?
STUDENT Bt: I like badminton because it is very fun and healthy, so it’s great. Do you have any hobbies?
STUDENT A: Well, actually I do. I collect old bus tickets. / I don’t. I want to start a hobby.
STUDENT B:Oh! That’s very interesting/boring/ strange. Where do you get them?/Why don’t you practice a sport?/Oh really?What hobby do you want to start?
STUDENT A: Well, I’ll see you soon and I can go with you. Ok?
STUDENT B:Yes, of course. See you on Friday afternoon
STUDENT A AND B: Good-bye!