15 February 2017

Present Perfect:Part 3-just,already,yet,for and since

Hello guys,
Take a look at this site where you can find some explanations and exercises to practice this grammar point.

14 February 2017

Present perfect: Part 2

Hi everyone,
Get further information about how to make negative and interrogative sententes in  present perfect  by visiting this website.

Present Perfect:Part 1

Dear basic level students,
Click here to learn how to form present perfect in English. Then do the exercises.

25 December 2016


Hi everyone,

1. Click here and do the vocabulary activities.
2. Sing and play with this Christmas song
3. Listen and sing this version of Jingle Bells.

Happy Christmas to you all!!

23 December 2016

Dear basic students,
Visit the following websites to learn more vocabulary about different topics that you may be asked to talk about in your final speaking tests.